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THE studio

The studio is located in the NoHo Arts District of Los Angeles. The space was specifically built to accommodate the needs of clients requiring live professional drum recordings and programming. The live room can be configured to get anything from slamming Led Zeppelin roomy rock sounds to dry 70s Fleetwood Mac vibes.


I wanted to create an environment that was unique and different to all the other "studios" that exist for tracking drums. This build was a complete dedication to creating something special that truly separates the clients tracks from the rest. I use a huge range of ribbon, tube and dynamic microphones, running through period specific analog preamps, compressors and EQs.

This is the sauce that brings your tracks to life!

Adjusting the mood.
Sounds Warm.
Sweet Tones.
Ribbon Magic.
The Live Room.
A Few Good Options.
Resonate It.
The Spaceship.
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