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Booking a remote session from my studio, in Los Angeles, is very simple. I can add drum tracks to any of your music, whether you have a demo or a final production.


My goal is to provide great sounding recordings that match the style, feel and tone of your music. I have a huge range of drum sets and outboard gear options that ill switch out depending on the sonic approach you're looking for. I'll send you multiple takes / multi tracks and a variety of miking options so you can drop them straight into your session. 


I’m happy to do meetings over the phone or Skype so we can discuss your music and vision. I will work with each client personally to make sure they get the best possible product for their budget.

Rates work on a case by case basis.*

Send in your Stereo Bounces, Multi Tracks, Pro Tools Session etc. via email and ill return the full multi-track files.



Please fill out the form below and we'll get it happening!


* For full EP or Album recordings I will be happy to work out a bulk pricing deal.

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