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avenaim one shots vol. 1

Mike Avenaim has spent years developing his sound, not only as a top industry session drummer but also as a mixer and producer. These one shots are a combination of his skill set and dedication to creating something truly unique. All samples were recorded and mixed using the best possible analog outboard equipment, including Retro Instruments, Overstayer, Magic Death Eye, AMS RMX16 and more!


The samples can be used by producers looking for that special sauce on their track, or for mixers trying to enhance their drum sounds that they can't get to hit quite right. The intention of this pack was to do something different to every other pack that's out on the market and to really focus on the individual use of each particular sample rather than throwing a ton of noise at the wall. The pack was recorded at some of the best studios in Los Angeles as well as Mike's personal studio.


VOL.1 Includes 77 Total samples with various mic positions and reverbs:



  • 2 x Organic Snares with room only samples included

  • 3 x Processed Snares (Including DIRECT, TRASH and NATURAL micings)

  • 2 x Special Snares



  • 1 x Organic Kick with room only samples included

  • 3 x Processed Kicks (Including DIRECT, TRASH and NATURAL micings)

  • 1 x Special Kick



  • 1 x Organic Set

  • 3 x Processed Sets



  • 1 x Organic Dry Hats (Including Closed, Alt, Open, Stomp and Open/Close samples)



  • Back Beat Enhancer folder (Use these to enhance your already existing snares etc. Including Rims, Flams and Strange Perc)

  • Big Studio Claps (14 clap variations from one of the most famous studios in Los Angeles)

All samples are recorded and mixed at 24bit / 48k.

KONTAKT 6 and BATTERY 4 mega patches included for fast access to the sounds.


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